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Many people dream of owning their own home. It's wonderful to return to a cozy, warm place where you can relax, escape work and the world, and unwind. To truly feel at home, you need a place of your own, but not everyone can afford an apartment or a traditional brick house. Fortunately, there is a unique and increasingly popular solution – the SIP house. These houses are affordable for almost everyone, with prices significantly lower than those of apartments on the market. Additionally, the construction process is incredibly fast, allowing you to move into your new home in no time and proudly share it with guests.
SIP houses are especially ideal for those tired of renting or those seeking a closer connection to nature and freedom. If you crave peace and quiet, less city noise, and more greenery, a SIP house could be perfect for you. Smaller SIP houses also make excellent office spaces for those who want to work closer to nature without paying for office rent. You’ll find your productivity and mood will significantly improve!

Some of the advantages of working with ECOHOUSE Building systems are

Numerous advantages and technical features due to their construction technology.

  • Time - extremely quick to build; time depends on the project, the size of the building, and the materials available.
  • Quality - A SIP house meets all quality standards.
  • Price - very low compared to other housing prices, considering the construction costs (materials, labor, time).
  • New - no one has lived there yet.
  • Design - every project looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Energy saving - a construction technology that saves heat efficiency - on request, can meet A++ standards.
  • Durability - SIP homes have a very long lifetime.
  • Environmentally friendly - no pollution for the environment, no pollution for you, and no construction waste on site.
  • esistance - withstands weathering (rain, snow, cold, heat).
  • Building designs are prepared.
  • Fast construction times with our PANO panel systems.
  • Competitive trade prices.

SIP house - what makes it special?

Choose a SIP house for a quick and high-quality build! These homes are also aesthetically pleasing, adhering to the latest design trends. You can select your preferred SIP panel house design, and our team will start construction right away. Additionally, Ecohouse offers custom designs, ensuring you get a unique SIP panel house tailored to your specifications. SIP houses come in various sizes, from compact homes to those up to 80m². They offer the same benefits as traditional houses but with a much faster construction time.

About SIPs

SIPs. Structured Insulated Panels (SIPs) are a high performing building material. This innovative material is energy efficient, cost effective and strong; making it the superior choice for the structure of our builds. SIPs saves time, money and labour; reducing the cost of build for the client.

Thermal U Values. Our Thermal U­Values meet passive house standard which exceeds current building regulations by up to 250%. This results in a low energy build, saving energy and money, both in the short and long term. Wall U­Value is 0.129 W/m2k. Roof U­value is 0.124 W/m2k

AIR Thightness. Homeowners demand airtight homes and that’s what we provide. Air tightness is more than simply keeping a house energy efficient; it avoids structural damage to a house from moisture or dampness and removes the age­old problem of drafts.

Habitable Roof Spaces. SIPs do not require roof trusses; just another advantage of building with Structural Insulated Panels. This allows for an additional living space in the roof. These rooms have the added advantage of benefitting from sunlight throughout the day as well as adding value to the build and resale value.

Extra Floor Space. A SIP Building System structure provides superior strength and insulation in a smaller wall section than masonry construction. This allows for more internal floor space for the same external dimensions as traditional construction methods.

Low Wastage. SIPs are pre­-engineered in a factory environment resulting in less defects and wastage throughout the manufacturing and construction processes. This in turn saves time and money.

Fast Construction Method . Using SIPs Structural Insulated Panels typically cuts on­site construction time by up to 3 times. This dramatically reduces the unexpected cost and stress often associated with masonry construction.

Design Flexibility . We use expert in­house 3D CAD software for our build. This ensures our system can be tailor made to suit each individual construction. This allows us to build according to our client’s specific requirements.

Improved Scheduling And Programme Control. SIP Building System is wrapped with a tighter membrane offering a weather­tight shell. This results in a faster project finish; allowing external and internal follow­on trades to can start work sooner than with a conventional build. Because the SIP system is relatively simple to erect and requires no wet trades or bricklayers, project completion times can be easily predicted.